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Watch Heroes Season 1, 2 and 3 Online


Top 5 Places to Watch Heroes Online

Since the Top 5 Places to Watch Lost Online has been such a big hit I thought I would continue the series of posts with the Top 5 Places to Watch Heroes. Although Heroes is already on its second season, I have found myself just starting to get into it. I don’t have much time these days so as with Lost, I’ve been watching Heroes online through streaming players these days while I get work done. Surprisingly you can find all the episodes of season one and two on various websites. The quality of the episodes varies from site to site, however I have found that sites using the Divx web player generally have the best quality videos. Below I have included a list of the top 5 places to watch Heroes Season 1, Heroes Season 2 and Heroes Season 3 online.

1. Netflix

Netflix is my favorite way to watch TV shows online. They have every episode of Heroes available to watch online, (including season 3) as well as on DVD, or on Blu-ray disk. The best part is Netflix is currently offering a 2 week free trial and after that plans start at just $4.99 a month.


View All Available Episodes


This site was also included in the “Top five places to watch Lost online.” As I said before, Cucirca has a great collection of links to Heroes episodes. They cover pretty much every episode, most of them work, although I have not checked them all. The video quality of the episodes varies since Cucirca mainly links to videos on other sites.


This site has every episode of Heroes from season 1 and 2 included on their site. The quality on most episodes is OK but nothing spectacular. The one downside about this site is that there are a few too many ads for my liking which is why this gets the number 3 spot. (Update: This site has been closed. Amazon is offering Heroes on demand here and Heroes on Itunes is here.)


Heroes Stream is a basic website with a basic purpose, to provide you with Heroes episodes. This site is solely dedicated to Heroes and includes multiple versions of each episode. (Update: This site has also been closed. Amazon is offering Heroes on demand here and Heroes on Itunes is here.)


WatchHeroes.Net has a great collection of the heroes episodes available to view online. Most episodes on this site are in the Divx format which provides for great video quality. You can also download episodes from this site as well. (Update: This site was also down. Here is Amazon’s “Heroes” store and Heroes on Itunes is here.)

You can also watch the latest episodes of Heroes streaming on the NBC website. If I miss an episode, I try to watch it on the same week because the video quality is a lot better than on most fan sites.

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One Response to “Watch Heroes Season 1, 2 and 3 Online”
Levi - June 21st, 2009 at 8:51 am

two of these sites have been shut down, and are no longer existing

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