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Watch Heroes Online

I recommend watching Heroes through Netflix. You can sign up for a 2 week free trial and watch movies and tv shows online as well as on DVD and Blu-ray.

Over the weekend I had some extra time so I decided to catch up on some of my favorite shows. I usually buy Heroes and The Office from iTunes because I don’t have the time during the week to catch them on TV. However when I went to download them I forgot that NBC recently pulled all of their shows off iTunes.

So just to get the record straight I was completely willing to give them my money and pay for these shows but NBC took that option away from me, so I decided I would look for other ways to watch Heroes and my other favorite shows online. Some people may say..”well you can just buy them on DVD.” I’m not a fan of DVD’s, they are kind of a hassle and I like to have all my shows right on my computer available to watch at any time

Anyway I came across this great site that allows you watch watch Heroes, as well as Prison Break, Family Guy, and a ton of other shows online. I’ve been seeing more and more of these sites that allow you to watch shows on them popping up, but I don’t know how long they will last due to the copyright restrictions.

Although the quality isn’t great and I would still buy them off iTunes if i could, I guess it will have to do for now. If you haven’t started to watch Heroes yet, make sure you have a week of doing nothing to spare, because you will be hooked.

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One Response to “Watch Heroes Online”
Alexis - March 12th, 2010 at 12:50 am

how can i buy season 4 and 5 of heros???

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