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Talking with Heroes Writer Mark Verheiden

Shortly after thes second season wrapped up, many fans of the show complained that the hit show Heroes was beginning to jump the shark. Although I found it fairly entertaining, it jarred the shows creators enough that they made some swift changes. One such change involved bringing on writer/producer Mark Verheiden, who has joined the staff for the “Fugitives” volume of Heroes, which is on deck.

CBR recently had a chat with him about what’s going on with Heroes and a few other things coming down the pike. It turns out that he came to the Heroes team after he met with the creator, Tim Kring, and they decided that having him on as a consultant would be a great idea for the show’s next season. While I have a hard time keeping up with the show’s history and characters (I mean how many powers is Sylar going to end up with anyway!?), he slides into such things with ease. In fact, he goes on to point out that much of the increased compelxity and character additions and removals has alienated some of the fan base and that will be changing to make everything more accessible for fans. I guess I’ll have to do away with my Heroes and their powers spreadsheet.

If you’re looking for more, you can read the whole interview over at Watching Heroes. I do get tired of the constant claims by some critics that the shows creators and writers don’t care about the show, and I think this quote from the interview dispels that thought quite a bit:

“Exactly. You don’t stay in the office until midnight and work seven days a week and all this stuff because you’re just knocking it out. We’re very passionate about the show. Look. If people have a problem with what has come before, that’s the world. I don’t know what to say about it except that as we go forward we’re doing the best we can to make a fun, entertaining show and look, it’s a challenging environment in terms of what’s going on in the world for television in general.”

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