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NBC Will Air Fewer Episodes of Heroes Next Year

heroes3NBC is expected to air fewer episodes of “Heroes” next season. Sources say the network is considering running only 18-20 episodes, down from the 25 they are airing this year. It is also being reported that they will air the episodes closer together to avoid interruptions to the storyline.

“Heroes”’ viewership has been down from about 11.6 million before last year’s writers strike to 7.7 million this year according to Nielsen ratings. But that’s not the only reason the network is trimming back next season.

It seems all of the networks, ABC, CBS, Fox, and NBC, are taking a page from cable and shortening the season for many of their shows. “24” and “Lost” were also full season when they started and now only run for half the year. It not only saves productions cost but also makes the show seem extra special when it airs. Fans who know they can only see it once a year are more likely to follow the series more closely which also helps create a buzz surrounding the series.

The network will most likely continue to produce web series to fill in during the off season. NBC just launched a new “Heroes” web-only series, “Nowhere Man” , which is written by the show’s writers and creators and follows Puppetmaster Eric Doyle as he tries to settle into a new life by working at Copy Kingdom.

Most fans probably won’t mind the change especially considering the option-cancellation.

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