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How to Watch TV Online with Miro

There are many ways to watch TV programs online, you can stream it from the networks site (,, you can stream from link aggregators (projectfreetv,, tvlinks) or you can download the torrents and watch them on an offline player. The first two options are clearly the simplest, but often (unless you are streaming from the network) the quality of the stream can be horrendous, and waiting for each episode to cache can be annoying. This is where the value of the third option comes in.

Miro (formerly known as the democracy player) allows you to subscribe to RSS feeds from outside the list of channels within its player. The full potential of this can be reached by combining that knowledge with this site. Here you have a list of just about every show that gets posted as a torrent on the internet. Most shows are updated within a day or so of airing, so you can keep up fairly well.

Once you’ve downloaded the Miro player, click on the link for the show you want to subscribe to, then right click on “Search-based RSS Feed” and select “copy link location.”

Select the Channels tab in Miro and then add the channel, past the link location into the box, and then rename the channel from whatever weird numbers and dashes it is to the name of the show. Depending on how you have your preferences set on Miro, the show will update every day, or even while you’re sleeping. The Setup is ridiculously simple, and with tvRSS, you have access to a HUGE number of shows. I looked up some of my favorites (Dexter, Big Love, Lost, House, Heroes) and they were all there, and all updated. Keep in mind, WE ARE NOT ADVISING YOU TO ILLEGALLY DOWNLOAD TELEVISION SHOWS. But if you don’t have cable (like me) and you want to watch the shows you love, this is how. Don’t ignore the channels preloaded into Miro though, I discovered TED talks there, and a few other more educational programs. All in all, this is a fairly comprehensive solution to the problem of consistency in Internet Television. 

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