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Heroes Star Joins New NBC Comedy Pilot

sg_rexSendhil Ramamurthy has joined NBC’s comedic drama pilot Rex Is Not Your Lawyer as a regular.

Ramamurthy, who currently plays on Heroes, will reportedly play an ambitious lawyer who falls in love with Rex’s fiancée, played by Abigail Spencer. His casting is said to be in second position to Heroes.

Jane Curtin also has been cast in the pilot, which stars David Tennant as Rex Alexander, a top Chicago litigator who begins suffering panic attacks and starts coaching clients to represent themselves in court.  Ramamurthy will play an ambitious but good-natured lawyer who was in Rex’s shadow until Rex’s career switch and whose friendship with Rex becomes complicated when he falls in love with his friend’s fiancée (Abigail Spencer).

Ramamurthy’s character on Heroes, Mohinder Suresh, played a vital part in the series’ first couple of seasons. Recently, his presence has gradually been scaled back and he has appeared in three episodes so far this season.

As for Emmy-winning comedy veteran Curtin, she will play Rex’s mother and mentor, a successful law professor who falls in love with Rex’s shrink (Jeffrey Tambor).  David Semel is directing the pilot from a script by Andrew Leeds and David Lampson.

In a recent interview, Ramamurthy spoke on the tendency of studios to cast Indians in stereotypical roles, something the actor has refused to do.

“There isn’t any question about [the racism],” he says. “I’ve managed to luck out that they’ve given me a fully rounded character on the show, but in general, yeah. And you know, now more than ever I get everything “Indian” that’s ever written. It all comes across my desk. Since Heroes started I’ve probably had about 15 or 16 film scripts sent to me with Indian characters, and out of those maybe one was good. And the depressing thing is, they’re all being written by Indians! Like, how many more scripts can there be about an arranged marriage or an abusive husband? It’s the same thing over and over again. I think that Indian writers think this is the kind of thing that people want to see, and it’s kind of sad. I literally fling those scripts across the room as soon as I start reading them.”

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