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Heroes Season Four Episode Two: Ink

heroesThis week’s Heroes only focused on three storylines. Here’s a look at each:

Claire told Gretchen (her new college roommate and friend) about her power. Gretchen already had a good idea though since Claire was able to jump out of a window and survive. But after Gretchen pushed her about the incident, Claire finally came completely clean. It doesn’t seem like this is a totally bad thing since even HRG approved of his daughter’s admission.

Meanwhile, Parkman is becoming like Sylar and can’t shake him from his head. Sylar convinces Parkman that a suspect is holding a little girl hostage. He even gets Parkman to see a dead girl under the stairs. He ends up losing it and beats up the suspect. His partner threatens that his career will be over since they never actually find a little girl. Parkman grabs his partner, uses his mind trick, and convinces him that the guy tried to beat him up and he was only protecting himself and his partner.

Finally, Samuel sets his sights on Peter as the one that could replace his late brother. Samuel creates a lawsuit and pretended he was injured during one of Peter’s life-saving missions as a paramedic. Peter was immediately suspicious since he’d never seen him before. But when he goes home he sees a photo in the paper of the accident and, sure enough, Samuel is in the picture, hasn’t he ever heard of Photoshop or in this case magical ink powers?

Peter tracks Samuel down and apologizes, after he does, Samuel says he will drop the lawsuit because Peter is the type of guy he wanted him to be. As Peter’s storyline, and the episode, wrap up he is called to a major accident at a mansion where Samuel just was. Samuel wants to look around and tells the owner his parents were servants in the house once but the woman refuses to let him in. Now the mansion is in a sinkhole and is completely gone. Peter suddenly feels pain in his arm and looks down to find a compass tattoo which is moving.

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2 Responses to “Heroes Season Four Episode Two: Ink”
@EricJohnTan - September 30th, 2009 at 7:58 pm

Actually its episode 3, the premier was both episodes 1 & 2.

HO - October 5th, 2009 at 1:45 pm

Actually its episode 3, the premier was both episodes 1 & 2.

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