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Heroes Season Four Episode One: Orientation

heroesHeroes returned Monday night, picking up six weeks after its May finale.

As the premiere begins we meet a new character who is standing on a grave with a few others talking about finding his place in the world. During his speech, we see flashbacks of all the Heroes. We find out the man, Samuel Sullivan, is standing near the grave of his brother, Joseph.

We also catch up with the other characters¬† like Parkman who is trying to live a normal life with his baby and Janice. The normalcy is quickly interrupted by a phone call from Angela who tells him that Nathan is starting to show signs that he’s Sylar. But Parkman refuses to help and tells her he has stopped using his powers. Unfortunately for Parkman he starts to see visions of Sylar. During the episode Sylar gets into Matt’s head and talks him into using his telepathy again.

Meanwhile, Claire is at college trying to fit in. Things aren’t going that well for her since she is trying not to get too annoyed with Annie, her perky roommate. She does make one friend though, Gretchen, another girl she meets who is also from Texas and recognizes Claire’s name from the homecoming killings in season one. Things get worse though. Claire comes home one night to find Annie dead. Even though the police find a suicide note, Gretchen and Claire believe she was murdered.

HRG is still with the company but he is distracted because his wife has left him and his daughter is in college.
Early in the episode Tracy actually tries to kill HRG because she’s seeking revenge but he’s saved by Danko, who wants to recruit him for a mission. He turns Danko down. He also helps Tracy out by erasing Danko’s memory of her. After his memory is erased, Tracy happens to walk in on a man telling Danko that he stole something. He kills Danko with a few quick slashes of a knife, and escapes before Tracy can freeze him.

HRG joins Tracy and sees that the man was trying to cut a key out of Danko’s stomach. HRG gets a hold of Pete who’s been working as a paramedic and the two of them go to the bank where the man used the key to open a safe deposit box. The man tries to turn the knife on them but Peter fights him off.

Peter than finds out that HRG is hurt and the compass they found in the safe deposit box has been taken. The purpose of the compass is unknown.

Well all of this is going on, Hiro and Ando have been trying to set up a business in Japan. Hiro is sent 14 years into said past to a carnival at which he was originally told by a fortune teller of his destiny to be a hero. It seems as though Samuel has somehow sent Hiro here since he shows up and tells Hiro they will be great friends. He gets Hiro to do some things for him which lead Hiro to make some serious vows.

As the episode ends, Samuel uses a paintbrush to inject paint in the back of a woman named Lydia and then says Sylar, Claire and Peter.are next.

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