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Heroes Season 4 Episode 4: Hysterical Blindness

claireThis week’s episode picks up where last week’s left off as Sylar comes out of the ground and is found by the police staggering down the road. The police officer sees he has blood on his shirt and draws a gun on him. Sylar is later evaluated by a doctor who, despite a request by the police, does not deem Sylar insane. Instead, she makes him a cup of tea and promises to help him.

Sylar is then interrogated by the police and is accused of killing his mother. Sylar puts his hands up to keep the cop away and he goes flying through the window. Sylar takes off, catches up with Madeline (the doctor) and begs her for help. She lets him into her car and they start driving. She convinces him to turn himself in but his powers kick in and lighting starts to come out of his hands. The cops shoot him and he falls down a hill. When he gets up, he watches the bullet wounds heal. Madeline tells Sylar to run and he does. Sylar comes to a carnival and Sullivan standing in front of the entrance where he welcomes Sylar and tells him he is home.

In the meantime, Claire is at lunch with her new BFF, Gretchen, when she approached by a member of the same sorority her mother was in and is asked if she would be interested in joining. She agrees and eventually talks Gretchen into going with her. The girls attend a “speed-dating” session with the sorority so everyone can get to know each other better. as Claire is moving from girl to girl she realizes they are all asking questions about her ans seem to know a lot about her. She quickly gets irritated when she realizes Gretchen has been talking about her.

Later on, Claire and Gretchen are getting ready to go out. While Gretchen is in the bathroom, Claire notices her face on a webpage on Gretchen’s computer screen. She clicks through he site and sees its all about her. Later, at a sorority mixer, Claire is talking to another girl when the pointed end of a flag pole comes flying at Claire. She looks up to where it  came from and sure enough, there’s Gretchen. Back in their dorm room, Gretchen is defensive and accuses Claire of snooping through her things.

Gretchen admits she was stalking Claire but only because she’s curious about her and wants to know more about her past. Then, when Claire tries to fight her, Gretchen kisses her and admits to having a crush on her. Claire is stunned. Just then, the sorority sisters arrive holding candles and they offer both girls a pin to join the sorority. They accept.

Then, Sullivan summons Becky, one of the sorority sister, to his carnival. She is invisible and able to teleport. It is then revealed that Becky has been setting Claire’s roommate up, for example, she was the one who threw the flag pole. She’s definitely trying to push Claire in a certain direction, we just don’t know which one.

Emma’s mother tries to convince her to go back to her residency and continue being a doctor. She also adds that Christopher’s death wasn’t her fault and that after six years it is time to stop grieving.

After the conversation with her mother, Emma is so upset she sees sounds as colors as she is walking down the street and nearly backs into traffic. Lucky for her, Peter swoops in at the last minute and saves her. He realizes she has a power and later at the hospital confirms with her that they are both see the colors of children singing. Peter lets her know about the others who have powers too. Peter asks her on a date and she agrees until he says that he thinks it will be good to get her out, not unlike what her mother told her so she gets offended and leaves. Emma returns home is so upset over Christopher (though we aren’t sure who he is yet) that she plays her cello with such fury it sends a blot of sound wave energy up the wall and leaves a crack in it. Peter is also upset when he gets home, upset that he blew his potential date. But then, he sees Hiro standing in his dining room. Hiro collapses into Peter’s arms.

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