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Heroes Season 4 Update

heroes1So for the first time in awhile., I’ve picked up heroes with great enthusiasm and follow the show pretty religiously. This is probably due to the fact that my fiance always puts it on while I’m in the room and thne I’m like “Hey, Heroes!” and inevitably get sucked in. Aside from Hiro’s current storyline, which I’m finding to be a snoozefest, the rest has been pretty great.

So naturally I’m more than happy hear anything there is to know about the upcoming season, and EW recently let us in on a little bit of what to expect. The show’s producers have already been discussing quite a bit as to what they’d like the next season to look like and, naturally, season 3’s ending finale will really put the pieces into place for season 4. The finale will “set up arcs for a variety of characters.” Not too many, I hope.

We’ll also be learning a lot more about Claire’s motivation and what she plans to do. She took a bit of a back seat in this past season, so expect to see more of her in the next round.

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One Response to “Heroes Season 4 Update”
soro - April 4th, 2009 at 8:12 am

how can i download heroes season 3 episode 10 and till the final

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