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Heroes Season 4 Episode 9: Brother’s Keeper

heroes10This week’s plot revolves mostly around Hiro’s assignment from Samuel.

But first, Nathan and Peter arrive at the hospital and Parkman is revived, but in the process Sylar jumps back into Nathan’s body. Nathan and Peter fly away with Nathan knowing¬† he is Sylar.

Hiro receives a mission from Samuel, he has to go back eight weeks and get a film from Mohinder. We see Mohinder during this time and he’s happily, with a woman. She doens’t want him to look for his father’s stuff but he does anyway. He comes across an old movie that shows his dad at Coyote Sands, warning the camera about the powers of a newborn who turns out to be Samuel. This encourages Mohinder to pay Samuel a visit.

But Joseph won’t let Hiro talk to Samuel. He explains he’s been keeping his brother’s abilities secret for 40 years and won’t let anyone change that. Samuel overhears this and follows Mohinder back to his hotel room and kills him. But, Hiro stops time, jumps in and saves the movie along with Mohinder’s life. But he can’t risk Samuel finding out Mohinder is alive so he sticks Mohinder into a mental institute.

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