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Heroes Season 4 Episode 8: Shadowboxing

heroesThere were three separate story lines in this week’s episode, here’s a look at each.

HRG finally stepped in to help Claire with a little problem: the fact that an invisible Becky is trying to kill her and her new BFF. Gretchen couldn’t take it any longer and decided to leave school. HRG brought the Haitian with him and Claire had the Haitian follow Gretchen to make sure she was OK.

Then Claire got a visit from Samuel. He said Becky wasn’t after her, she was after HRG because he killed her father when she was young. HRG came in, as Samuel was trying to sell the advantages of his carnival, and handcuffed him. Just then Becky got there and started causing trouble but Samuel electrocuted her with HRG’s gun. HRG lets him go and we see him back at the carnival with Becky telling her she will get revenge one day.

Sylar is in Parkman’s body. He threatens to start killing people unless Parkman explains what happened. Parkman tells the whole story about putting Nathan’s brain into his body. Sylar goes to track down Nathan but the cops stop him because Parkman forced him to scribble a note on the table of the diner he was in about having a gun. Parkman forces Sylar to reach into his pocket, the cops think he is reaching for a gun and they shoot him.

The last storyline involves Peter who had been working at the hospital on a very long and busy day. He figures out Emma must have gone to medical school. By the end of the episode, Peter and Emma have bonded and he finds out she left medical school because her nephew drowned and she couldn’t save him. Then Nathan shows up and tells him he something to tell him.

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