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Heroes Season 4 Episode 7: Once Upon A Time In Texas

heoresMonday night’s episode of Heroes was like a walk down memory lane, here’s a recap of what happened:

First, we’ll start with Hiro who tried to save Charlie from a deadly brain tumor. He used Sylar to remove the tumor from her head. But, don’t start celebrating yet. Hiro and Charlie went to the diner afterwords and when Hiro stepped outside, she was gone and Samuel was there. He forced Hiro to bring them back to present day. Then, Samuel told him that he had had Charlie locked in an unknown time and the only way Hiro will get her back is if he does whatever Samuel says.

We also go back eight weeks because Samuel says he needs to erase his transgressions. We see him in a room with apologizing to a man in the ground who turns out to be Mohinder.

We learned more about Lauren, HRG’s partner three years ago too. She apparently made the moves on HRG but he rejected her. She had her memory erased shortly there after but it will still be interesting to see if that relationship develops.

Also, Kristen at E! is confirming a major character will die this season and it will in deed be Adrian Pasdar (Nathan Petrelli). There were also reports that he found out from a slip by another cast members but, apparently, that wasn’t the case, he found out via a script.

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