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Heroes Season 4 Episode 6: Strange Attractors

heroesHere’s a look at what happened this week on Heroes:

Parkman got drunk in an attempt to get rid of Sylar. Since he still had thoughts of Sylar taking over his mind, he started drinking and realized it had an impact on his visions of Sylar. So, he decided to get stupid drunk and thought that it worked to get Sylar out of his head but we all know that drinking never really solves anything. Later, we learn that Sylar had gotten inside Parkman while he was sleeping and now controls his body.

The best story line involved Claire, Gretchen and a few sorority girls who end up getting hazed. Its nice to see Claire having a bigger role in the show this season. Things get serious when Gretchen’s life is actually in danger. The girls were tied up in a warehouse and as soon as Claire found the final prize she had to save her friend from a giant flying hook. Claire ended up getting stabbed and pinned to a wall but she was able to hit an invisible Becky (who had put the hook in motion) and force her to be seen.

HRG asked Tracy to help Jeremy since he was still in jail and couldn’t get out without a relative. She pretends to be his aunt and they get him out. But, as soon as they get outside an angry man approaches him and accuses him of being a murderer. He loses control and is brought back into custody. Later, a cop drags him behind his truck, killing him because he doesn’t want anyone like him in their community. In response to what happened, Tracy tells HRG to ever call her again.

At the end of the episode Samuel comes into twon and buries the police station.

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