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Heroes Season 4 Episode 3: Acceptance

heroesMonday night’s episode of Heroes was light on action but still had its moments. Like, for starters, Hiro was trying to go back in time to save a former employee who had committed suicide after being fired. And what was the employee fired for? Photocopying his butt! Some fans have criticized this plot line but i think it kind of lightened things up (and it was way more realistic than some of the stuff they pull). Sometimes the show is too heavy or they try to cram in too much. I enjoyed this slower paced episode.

Anyway, Hiro was never successful going back in time. He then admitted his illness to his sister and vanished in front of her eyes.

In the meantime, Tracy got her old job back from the Governor. But when he made it clear he only hired her for sex, she turned him down. One interesting note, she went to the bathroom and cried afterwords and while there, her had turned to water for a minute.

Nathan’s Sylar powers reveal that he accidentally killed his high school girlfriend. His mom had covered it up and erased his memory but now his powers allow him to see an object’s history when he touches it.

The girl’s mother (played by Swoosie Kurtz) finds out what and had him kidnapped, shot and buried in the yard. But, as the episode closes, Sylar’s hand reaches out from the ground!

See, I wasn’t exaggerating, not too much else happened but next week promises to pick up. If you want to see this episode, you can watch it online at

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