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Heroes Season 4 Episode 12: Upon This Rock; Let It Bleed

peterheroesLast night’s much-hyped two hour episode of Heroes wasn’t exactly action packed but it did open up some interesting possibilities for what’s to come.

First off, the dramatic high point (or low point, depending on how you look at it) was Claire fighting with HRG again because she found out about fake Nathan and that Sylar killed her dad a long time ago.

HRG tries to learn more about the carnival by capturing Edgar and getting some information out of him. Edgar tells HRG thatĀ  Samuel killed Joseph. But just as it looks like Edgar is on HRG’s side, he steals HRG’s map of the carnival and vanishes so HRG can’t try to break it up.

Claire also realizes the carnival is a strange place. She sneaks into Samuel’s trailer and sees a bunch of information about her friends. She asks him about it but doesn’t get an answer, instead he takes her to a field where a guy named Ian turns dirt into grass. Samuel tells her this is where their new lives will be.

Sylar is also at theĀ  carnival and tries to kill Samuel but his power doesn’t work. Samuel tells him to stay at the carnival but Sylar doesn’t think that is his destiny. He has Samuel tattoo him and he injects ink into Sylar’s body, it forms a picture of Claire.

As for Peter, he is understandably distraught and leaves Nathan’s funeral to go straight to a crime scene. At the scene, Peter tries to talk down a man with a gun but is shot. Somehow Claire knew he was there and he absorbs her healing powers until he is OK again.

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