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Heroes Season 4 Episode 12: The Fifth Stage

heroesWell, Heroes fans, you’ll have a few weeks to regroup after Nathan’s death last week. There won’t be a new episode of the show until the end of January. Here’s a look at what happened last week, in case you missed it.

Peter took the Haitian’s ability, confronted Sylar and erased his powers while almost beating him to death which was pretty gruesome. As a result, Nathan emerged again. The brothers talked and Nathan admitted the attempts to fight off Sylar were killing him. Peter took Nathan to the rooftop from season one and he jumped off the ledge. Peter tried to grab him but Nathan pleaded with him one last time to remain a force for good and then let go, dropping to his death. Below, his body bounced off a car, then got up and walked away but now it was only Sylar.

Meanwhile a carnie named Eli broke into HRG’s house and stole his box of Primatech files. Claire and Gretchen  made it to the carnival where Samuel showed them around and introduced them to everyone. Gretchen left to go back to school but Claire stayed and listened to Samuel talk about recruiting more heroes in order to assert their dominance and no longer live in fear.

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