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Heroes Season 4 Episode 11: Thanksgiving

heroesHere’s a quick wrap up of Monday night’s Heroes.

First off, Hiro and Lydia traveled back eight weeks to see exactly how Joseph died- Samuel killed him. He was mad because Joseph had been keeping his true abilities from him. When Lydia and Hiro returned, Samuel tried to accuse Edgar of beign the killer. But Hiro stopped him and got Edgar out of there. At the end of the episode one of the carnies tried to erase Hiro’s memory but he disappeared.

Meanwhile at HRG’s family dinner, which included a reconciliation with his former partner Lauren, Claire showed her abilities by cutting herself and healing, causing her mother’s “date” to pass out. After dinner, Claire and Gretchen decided to go on a road trip before they have to be back to school. Claire took along the compass HRG stole from Samuel to find out what its all about.

At another Thanksgiving get-together, Angela admitted everything to Nathan and Peter. Nathan turned into Sylar and tired to kill her but the real Nathan fought his way out and saved his mother before disappearing. Peter vowed he would find his brother and try to save him.

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