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Heroes Season 3 Episode 25: An Invisible Thread

claire-and-peterLast night was the season three finale of Heroes but this won’t be the last we see of them since the show was officially renewed for a fourth season last week.  Here’s a recap of the finale.

The heroes meet up in D.C. intending to destroy Building 26 so Sylar can’t shape-shift into the President. Nathan, Claire and Peter end up at one of the President’s speeches where Nathan convinces the chef of staff  the President is in danger.

This is where things get interesting. Sylar kills the chef of staff and shape-shifts into him. He is in a limo with the President and when he reaches out his hand the President  pulls him closer. It turns out Peter stole Sylar’s ability and shape- shifted himself into the President.

The two fight and Peter sticks Sylar in the neck with a tranquilizer. Sylar ends up killing Nathan in the fight as well. Parkman, Angela and HRG decide the only way to get the government to stop coming for them is to get Nathan to talk to the President. So Parkman takes control of Sylar’s mind and convinces him he is Nathan. He wakes up, shape-shifted and armed with Nathan’s memories.

As the episode winds down, the heroes are around a fire that is burning Sylar. But it isn’t Sylar because Nathan is actually Sylar. This is where volume four ends.

As volume five begins six weeks later, Tracey comes to life and kills a former Building 26 agent. Then Angela takes Nathan to lunch even though she is skepical, as she should be because, of course, this person is actually Sylar.

If you missed the finale you can watch it now on

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