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Heroes Season 3 Episode 24: I Am Sylar

sylarHere’s a recap of last night’s episode of Heroes, I Am Sylar.

In case the show’s title didn’t already give it away, the majority of the plot focused on Sylar. Sylar isn’t happy about what he’s becoming and questions his own identity as he is constantly shape-shifting. He wakes up as one of Danko’s agents, Agent Taub, who is supposed to help take down the heroes.

Sylar approaches the police (as the agent) and asks for what’s left from his mother’s murder (which he committed). Once he has her clothes/DNA he is able shift into her. This was a little different than any other time he has shape-shifted because he actually took on her personality and was able to talk to her. Sylar’s mother inspired him to be important, that’s why he shifted himself into Nathan and held a press conference. It’s also why he is trying to shake hands with the President, so he can become him too.

Nathan finds Sylar in his office but is shot with a dart by Danko. Danko triesd to kill Sylar too but is unsuccessful and that is how the episode ends.

There was one scene earlier in the episode where Sylar saves Micah because he felt bad for a child without his mother. Perhaps this was an attempt to show a softer side of Sylar.

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