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Heroes Season 3 Episode 23: 1961

heroesLast night’s episode of Heroes, “1961”, picked up where they left off last week, at Coyote Sands.

While everyone is at the site digging, Peter gets angry at Nathan and huffs off to find Angela. He confronts her, wanting to know what happened on the site. This is where the show’s title comes into play.

Angela looks back to 1961, as a bus pulls up to the Coyote Sands Relocation Center. Angela and her sister, Alice, arrive and are welcomed by Dr. Chandra Suresh. While touring the grounds, Angela asks why there are armed guards, and Suresh brushes it off, saying it is just to keep everyone safe. Alic wants to go home but Angela reminds her that the doctor said he could make her nightmares go away and that she has a genetic problem so the whole family needs to deal with it.

Back in the present day, Angela explains to Peter that her family died on the site and she is afraid history will repeat itself, that is why she has been so adamant that they all work together. Angela explains to the whole group that back then, they believed the government was going to cure them so went there willingly but she was lucky enough to escape.

She also explains that they are digging because she has been dreaming of her sister and feels that she need to see her and give her a proper burial. She tells them that keeping people with abilities a secret has worked for fifty years but now with Danko becoming so resourceful, they must go back to the old ways. Peter flies off the handle again and then flies away, Nathan goes after him.

The show flashes back to 1961 again. Three boys the girls had met earlier, Charles, Bob, and Daniel, tell Angela they have strange things happening to them too. Daniel is able to heal a scar on her leg. She tells them that because of her dreams she knows not to trust Suresh and they all become suspicious of what they are doing there.

Back in present day, Nathan tells Peter they need to get past what is between them. Peter accuses Nathan of being selfish and Nathan begs for his forgiveness. Meanwhile, back at the site, HRG asks Mohinder what he is doing there so he reveals a file he found that belonged to Suresh and contains information on Angela and Alice.

Then its back to 1961 again. Angela confronts Dr. Suresh, telling him he is going to kill everyone there. He denies it and pulls out a big needle, telling her, “This will only hurt a little.”

Back to the present day, Angela tells Claire she has to go find her sister Alice. Suresh realizes that it is possible his father killed all of these people. HRG tells him that he should wait until they know the whole truth before getting upset.

Peter and Nathan are back at Coyote Sands and they all split up to look for Angela. Claire finds the cover of Alice’s “Alice in Wonderland” book and HRG tells Nathan about Sylar’s shape shifting ability.

In another flashback,  Charles tells Angela that they must sneak out and leave Alice behind because it is too dangerous. She sits down and explains to Alice she is leaving and that she had a dream Alice would be safe.

Back in the present, Angela wakes up in an underground shelter with a woman she believes is Alice. Then we flash back to 1961 again where Angela is out of Coyote Sands with the boys when a weather warning comes on the radio and she insists they go back for Alice. Flash forward again, Alice explains she stayed alive because Angela told her she would be OK if she stayed there. We flashback again and see Suresh trying to inject Alice with something, she runs out into a storm, their father sees Suresh chasing her and blasts him away, a guard fires at him and Alice hides under a building. Back in the future, Angela admits she lied, making Alice angry, she cause a lightning storm and electrifies Suresh because she can see his father in him. Angela tries to explain everything but Alice vanishes.

Back in 1961, Angela tells the boys she dreamed of the future and they did whatever they needed in order to protect themselves, this is when they form the Company. Finally, we are  in the restaurant, in the present, Peter says that they are a family and families can forgive, he says they need to keep their existence a secret and stop the hunting. Just then, they look up at the TV and Sylar has shifted into Nathan and is giving a speech as the Senator, promising that nothing will ever be the same.

YOu can check out the whole episode now on Hulu.

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