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Heroes Season 3 Episode 22: Turn and Face the Strange

sylar-dankoAs the season winds to an end it seems like they are trying to get as much into each episode of Heroes as possible. Here’s a quick recap of last night’s show.

Parkman was completely focused on revenge in the beginning of the episode. Parkman forces Danko to see the person he cares for most in the world who turns out to be a Russian call girl. She thinks that his name is Jacob and that he has family in Chicago. Parkman gets to her and convinces her that she need to go to Danko because he is lying about his identity. Parkman contemplates killing her but can’t, Danko tries to kill him instead but Hiro stops time. He, baby Matt Parkman, and Ando have been searching for Older Parkman and once they find him, they show him his baby, this gets him to concentrate on being a hero again instead of seeking revenge.

In the meantime, HRG determines that Sylar has taken on the ability of a shape shifter and is not dead after all. He figures it out because Sylar pretends to be Sandra and serves him divorce papers. Then, he confronts Sandra because he thinks she is still Sylar and holds a gun to her head, prompting her to ask him to stay away from her forever after she convinces him she is not Sylar. Then, HRG is even more upset and sets out after Sylar. Danko and Sylar trick HRG into thinking he killed one of Danko’s men so he goes on the run. HRG doesn’t know what to believe and takes off somewhere.

As all of this is going on, Angela takes Peter to Coyote Sands, because she feels they need to learn more about the past before they can change the future. Nathan and Claire join them and they all begin to dig. Just as they begin to uncover a bunch of skeletons, HRG pulls up in his car. We also learned that Mohinder’s father has a connection to Coyote Sands, it will be interesting to see this all come together next week!

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