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Heroes Season 3 Episode 21: Into Asylum

heroes3A lot happened on Heroes last night, making it one of the better episodes this season. Here’s a quick recap of a few of the highlights:

First, while Nathan and Claire were hiding out in Mexico, Nathan tried to earn money by having a shots contest. He loses, but Claire comes in and ends up winning since she can’t get drunk. Afterwards, a drunk Nathan starts telling Claire that he regretted giving her away and that he thought his plan had gotten out of hand. Their time in Mexico did bring them closer together and they returned home, hoping to fix things together.

In the meantime, Peter and Angela were hiding out in a church where Angela began telling him about her regrets. After avoiding capture by Danko’s men, Angela fell asleep in the church where she dreamed up a plan to get together with Nathan and Claire and they would all find her sister together.

Elsewhere, Danko agreed to a partnership with Sylar, who would help him round up all the heroes. The two tracked a shifter (a man who could change into anyone he meets) into a club where he took over the form of Sylar. Danko shoots the shifter, gives Sylar his ability, but doesn’t give the guy the usual forehead scar. This comes in handy later when HRG sees the shifter being zipped into a body bag and thinks it is Sylar. This has a lot of possibly and is probably the most exciting development on the show yet.

If you missed it, watch it now at

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