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Heroes Season 3 Episode 19: Shades of Gray

confronting-dadIn last night’s episode of Heroes, Claire gets a job in the comic book store so Rebel can send her heroes in need and she can help them there. She proceeds to help Doyle secure a new identify after escaping for the agents.

The Hunter finds out about Nathan’s powers after he shoots out a window and pushes Nathan threw it, only instead of falling to his death, Nathan floats in the air and flies to safety. The two were arguing over Nathan getting the President to sign off on his removal, The Hunter wanted answers and obviously wasn’t satisfied with what Nathan had to say.

Sylar finds his father, on oxygen and dying of cancer. It seems Sylar is actually bonding with him when he reveals he has the ability to heal. His father, obviously in need of such an ability, tries to take it from Sylar, which turns out to be a bad idea. He fights his father off and leaves him to die a slow death, alone. The next time we see Sylar, he is at The Hunter’s apartment.

Hiro and Ando arrive in L.A. to save Mark Parkman as Rebel has asked of them. A babysitter hands them a baby and says that it’s Parkman. (I think the storyline with these two is getting a little old, what do you think?)

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