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Heroes Season 3 Episode 16: Building 26

heroes1Last night’s episode of “Heroes” gave us a closer look at what’s in store for the rest of the season. As the show opens, Noah and Claire are arguing when she gets a text from Rebel telling her she needs to protect Alex at Sam’s Comics. She follows this advice and shows Alex her ability, telling him that he can breathe under water. The two escape from HRG and when Claire gets home she explains to her mother that HRG is still up to no good and her mother asks him to leave. He then goes to a hotel bar and has a dink that appears to be poisoned. As he is lying there, passed out from the drink, Parkman, Peter and Mohinder come in and take him away.

In the meantime, Syler and Luke are on a road trip. Luke thinks that things are going fine but considering Syler is a serial killer, things are never really fine, are they? They make a stop at a diner where some of Nathan’s soldiers come in, taking Luke while Syler gets away. Syler does eventually come back, gets Luke and their tracking system so the two can get back on the road to continue looking for Syler’s father.

While all of this is going on, Hiro and Ando are in India following Parkman’s drawing in which they are supposed to stop a wedding. When they get to the wedding, Ando shows the bride his ability and she thinks it is a sign she should call off the wedding. The groom kidnaps Ando and threatens to kill him if he doesn’t get the wedding back on. Hiro steps in and fights the groom, convincing him that he should cancel the wedding and give up Ando. Hiro then realizes he doesn’t need powers to be a hero. Before leaving India, Hiro and Ando are handed a fax from Rebel saying they must get back to L.A. to save Matt Parkman.

Finally, in the midst of all this drama, Nathan is investigated by Homeland Security because they are suspicious about the money he has requested. Abby (one of the investigators) sees Tracy use her ability to kill a man and reports back that Nathan can have all the money he wants because the threats are very real. We find out that Hunter set the whole thing up and doesn’t care that someone died in the process.

In off screen “Heroes” drama, the show’s real life couple Milo Ventimiglia and Hayden Panettiere has split up. Reportedly, the break-up occurred because Ventimiglia, 12 years her senior, wanted to settle down and Penettiere wasn’t quite ready for all that. I don’t blame her, you go girl!

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